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Community Projection Review: Xavier Nady


PLAYER POS. COMMUNITY ZiPS ACTUAL Xavier Nady RF .272/.331/.454 .259/.319/.449 .305/.357/.510 As with the Jason Bay projection, we were wrong here but still did better...

Link Roundup, 8/19/08: Big Changes


-P- My, how things have changed in Pittsburgh, and this article by John Perrotto and especially this one by Wilbur Miller are a lot more positive than any I'm used to seeing. And they should be. ...


Breaking Down the Pirates Bounty

I'm pretty impressed with what the Pirates received through trades the past couple of weeks.  i wrote about it on my blog and thought some of you might be interested in reading the piece. Is the...

I Guess It's Pick On ESPN Day...


But, at least on this score, they started it. There's nothing more embarrassing than smarmy writers who don't know what they're talking about. Where to start with this one? Please, someone, tell...

A Couple More Links


-P- WTM's take on the trade is long-viewed as always. I agree with the vast majority of it. He says that although he would've liked to see the Pirates get more in this deal, the thought pattern...

Pirates Trade Xavier Nady, Damaso Marte to Yankees


Scroll down for the latest updates. It's Nady and Marte for minor leaguers Jose Tabata, George Kontos, Russ Ohlendorf and Phil Coke. Paul Meyer doesn't have the details yet, but thinks they're...

Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before


Jayson Stark: The Pirates are this year's winners of the Team Most Grumbled About Before the Deadline award. You name a contender. They've all made a run at somebody in the Pirates' display case...

Easy Answers to Obvious Questions


Bob Smizik: Why not offer Nady a long-term deal now? For the same reason it was dumb to give a long-term deal to Kevin Young. Next! Why not show the fans of Pittsburgh there is a...

Jonah Keri: Pirates Could Contend Next Year


ESPN.com's Jonah Keri, on why the Pirates are like Dickie Noles (and yeah, this is a couple days old, but this is what ESPN gets for publishing this at 5:00 PM on a Friday): Noles was the Cubs'...

SI: Diamondbacks, Cardinals Interested in Jason Bay


Thanks to Basmati, who caught this: "There's been a great amount of interest in a couple of our right-handed hitters,'' Pirates general manager Neal Huntington said on Thursday, apparently...

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