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For Duke's Sake, the Pirates Need Better Defense


Most years, it seems that the Pirates are about average in either runs scored or runs allowed and dramatically below average on the other. This can lead fans to argue that if they only spent some...

Zach Duke Pitches Through Earthquake


Zach Duke pitched through an earthquake last night and shut down the Giants as the Pirates won, 7-0.  Regarding the earthquake: big deal! I actually had my first experience with earthquakes a few...

Link Roundup: Pirates Acquire Robinzon Diaz From Jays


  Photo: Larry Coor -P- Catcher Robinzon Diaz has been named as the PTBNL in the Jose Bautista trade. We were told to expect the PTBNL to be a prospect, so this return initially...

Are Velocity Problems Causing the Pirates' First-Inning Woes?


This is a pretty interesting article that shows how pitchers' velocity fluctuates throughout games. One of the findings is that most starting pitchers don't throw at peak velocity until 15 or so...

Link Roundup: Pirates Defeat Diamondbacks


-P- The Bucs beat the Diamondbacks today, 5-3. It's nice to see some other team melt down before your eyes. I was a little shocked to look at the two teams' records thus far and see that the...

Pirates 5, Astros 2: Duke's Success Continues


This was a pretty nifty win for the Bucs. Zach Duke is reaching the point where he deserves a little slack--I'm skeptical of his ability to continue to post good starts with his ugly K/BB numbers,...

Pirates 5, Braves 0; Braves 8, Pirates 1


When you've got a doubleheader and you're starting Zach Duke and John Van Benschoten, you've got to be pretty happy winning just one.  In the first game, the mirage Duke is conjuring just got...

Nationals 3, Pirates 2


The Pirates just got 3-hit by Odalis Perez, Luis Ayala and Jon Rauch. They drew no walks. Two of those hits were homers (by Ryan Doumit and Freddy Sanchez) but still, I'm not quite sure what to say...

Cubs 13, Pirates 6


Another ugly game, and believe it or not, Evan Meek didn't allow any of those thirteen runs. Luis Rivas didn't play in this one, either, so our usual whipping boys aren't to blame. Instead, Zach...

Pirates 6, Dodgers 4


Dodgers announcer Vin Scully offered a withering (and dead-on) assessment of Zach Duke's performance tonight that may as well describe the whole problem with Duke's career right now: "You know, it...

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