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Milwaukee vs. Pittsburgh, 1 October 2005

Tomo Ohka (11-8, 3.95) vs. Kip Wells (7-18, 5.29). Forgive the light blogging recently; I just can't find any reason to make these games seem all that relevant, at least not from the Pirates' end.

What is relevant, in a small-market, engine-that-could kind of way, is the Brewers' pursuit of a winning season - they're at 81-79 now and only need to win one more game to do it. The Brewers are psyched - their owner let everyone into Thursday's game for free, and he got a Milwaukee television station to add the final game of the year to its schedule. It's kind of like when the Pirates popped champagne after avoiding 100 losses in 2002, except so much more meaningful and less stupid. Way to go, Milwaukee.