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Minor League Free Agents

Baseball Primer just posted a list of minor league free agents. It's the usual list of journeymen, AAAA players and busted prospects, but I find it weirdly fascinating.

The list of familiar names includes Tony Alvarez, Brad Fullmer (what's he doing there?), J.J. Davis, Nate Cornejo, Jimmy Anderson, Warren Morris, Carlos Rivera, Adrian Brown, Hideo Nomo, Graham Koonce, Alex Sanchez, Wiki Gonzalez, Jason Boyd and Desi Relaford.

The Pirates will need bats at the corners to fill spots at the higher minor league levels; some of the more interesting guys there include Mike Ryan of the Twins, Jack Cust of the A's (who can't hit for average or field at all, but has power and patience and could potentially be a decent bat off a major league bench), Todd Sears of the Marlins, Bucky Jacobsen of the Mariners, Prentice Redman of the Mets (Tike's brother) and a few others.