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Reds/Pirates Rumor

I try not to think much about trade rumors unless they're credible, but says this one is credible:

Do you think that a trade of Kip Wells for Wily Mo Pena makes sense for both teams? Wells has great stuff but seems to need a change of scenery. Pena is a legit 40-home run player. Pena in right field allows Craig Wilson to move back to first and gives the Bucs a legit power threat and protects Jason Bay. -- Mark A, Philadelphia

Of the dozens of trade scenarios fans have submitted to me in the past few weeks, Mark, I would say yours is the most plausible. In fact, this deal was being discussed, at least internally, by the Pirates prior to the trading deadline.

Ed Eagle isn't a good writer, but I see no reason not to believe him on this one. I wonder if Wells for Pena was ever offered by the Reds? If it was, the Pirates would have been crazy not to take it. If Dave Littlefield can get Pena for Wells now, well, that would be even more one-sided and helpful than the trade that brought Wells to Pittsburgh in the first place.

Elsewhere at, Jim Tracy will answer questions from fans tomorrow (Tuesday) at 4:00 PM EST.