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Leyland's Nepotism

Wow. Jim Leyland is about to answer Where's Van Slyke's titular question with his new coaching staff, which should feature an amazing number of players from the last good Pirates teams.

The Detroit Free Press reports:

While he continues to decide on a pitching coach, Tigers manager Jim Leyland said Wednesday he would like to hire these five -- all with Pirates connections -- for the remaining coaching jobs:

*Gene Lamont, the former Tigers catcher who has nearly 20 years in the major leagues (with the Pirates in 1997-2000) as a manager and third-base coach, as bench coach and third-base coach;

*Former All-Star centerfielder Andy Van Slyke (with the Pirates in 1987-94) as baserunning coach and outfield coach;

*Don Slaught, a longtime major league catcher (1990-94 with Pirates), as hitting coach;

*Former infielder Rafael Belliard (1982-90 with Pirates) as infield coach;

*Lloyd McClendon, who played for the Pirates in 1990-94 and managed the Bucs the past five seasons, as bullpen coach.

Barring something unforeseen, all five will join Leyland's staff, except perhaps Van Slyke. "He is going to talk to his family about whether he wants to do it," said Leyland, a former Pirates manager.