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Pirates Grades

I've decided not to hand out "grades" this offseason, in part because I did it at the All-Star break and in part because they're largely redundant if you read this page regularly. But the Post-Gazette has theirs. I don't really understand how Jack Wilson deserves a C+ for a terrible offensive season - and actually, the notion that the entire first half of Wilson's season can be dismissed because of his appendectomy is nonsense, since Wilson hit relatively well in the month of May. I also don't understand how John Grabow deserves a B+ and Kip Wells deserves an F, since they had similar ERAs and Wells had a much harder job, but there you go. Where's Van Slyke's awards are a lot better.

Elsewhere in the Post-Gazette, there's some speculation that Lyle Overbay could be headed to the Pirates, which I don't understand, since you can't put him and Brad Eldred in a lineup at the same time any more than you can do with Overbay and Prince Fielder. You can platoon Overbay and Eldred if you want, but Eldred is too valuable to waste as the short end of a platoon, and the price for Overbay would be too high to spend on a part-time player.