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New Coaching Non-News

Paul Meyer begs and pleads for Jim Tracy to hire some coaches so he can report something.

I beg and plead for Jim Tracy to hire some coaches so I can report something that Paul Meyer says, perhaps finding some irrelevant way to add that I think he is a bad writer.

Anyway, it looks like John Shelby will be the first base coach, Bobby Cuellar will be the bullpen coach, and one of two organizational guys, either Jeff Manto or Hensley Muelens, will be the hitting coach, unless they too reject the Pirates. Promoting a hitting coach from within the organization doesn't seem like a very good idea, especially in light of the organization's persistent failures to develop good hitters (the next one they develop who has sustained big-league success will be the first since Craig Wilson) and Neil Walker's recent comments that he intentionally swings at bad pitches. But it may be that the Pirates don't have many choices, as they've already been rejected by potential hitting coaches outside the organization.