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Bucs in Winter Leagues

Here's a story on the many young Pirates playing in winter leagues. Brad Eldred (who's really being worked hard this year), Chris Duffy and Rajai Davis are playing in Mexico; Ryan Doumit and Nate McLouth already stopped playing in the Dominican due to what sounds like minor problems; Ronny Paulino and Jose Bautista are still in the Dominican; Mike Restovich and Yurendell DeCaster are killing the ball in Venezuela; and Ian Snell is also pitching in Venezuela.

Some thoughts on this:

-Ryan Doumit is an injury-prone catcher who just played one of only two full seasons he's had in his pro career. Why risk having him get injured in winter ball?

-There aren't any quotes in the article about Davis; I wonder if he'll be included on the 40-man roster when it comes out?

-By the way, the 40-man will be set soon.

-Isn't DeCaster supposed to be a minor-league free agent? Does anyone know if the Pirates still control him?

-It's strange that Snell allegedly refused an Arizona Fall League assignment but he's willing to pitch winter ball.