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Pirates ZiPS Projections

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Here are Baseball Primer's computer projections for Pirates' perforances in 2005. Take them for what they're worth, but they're definitely worth checking out. Some of the key projections:

-Jason Bay and Craig Wilson will be the Pirates' top offensive players. No surprise there; what's noteworthy is that the Pirates seem hell-bent on getting rid of Wilson.

-Brad Eldred would hit 32 homers in full-time duty - but he'd put up an OBP of .300.

-Jose Castillo won't get any better.

-Ronny Paulino and Ryan Doumit will have similar numbers.

-Zach Duke would have a 3.73 ERA - but at least ZiPS thinks he won't get injured.

-Oliver Perez is projected to have a 4.32 ERA, but he's also projected to strike out a million batters. ZiPS therefore thinks he'll return to something closer to his 2004 form.

-ZiPS thinks Matt Capps, Brian Meadows, Jonah Bayliss and Mark Corey will all be better than Roberto Hernandez.

-Ian Snell will strike out a lot of batters and give up a ton of home runs.

-Kip Wells won't pull it together.