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Pirates ZiPS Projections

Here are Baseball Primer's computer projections for Pirates' perforances in 2005. Take them for what they're worth, but they're definitely worth checking out. Some of the key projections:

-Jason Bay and Craig Wilson will be the Pirates' top offensive players. No surprise there; what's noteworthy is that the Pirates seem hell-bent on getting rid of Wilson.

-Brad Eldred would hit 32 homers in full-time duty - but he'd put up an OBP of .300.

-Jose Castillo won't get any better.

-Ronny Paulino and Ryan Doumit will have similar numbers.

-Zach Duke would have a 3.73 ERA - but at least ZiPS thinks he won't get injured.

-Oliver Perez is projected to have a 4.32 ERA, but he's also projected to strike out a million batters. ZiPS therefore thinks he'll return to something closer to his 2004 form.

-ZiPS thinks Matt Capps, Brian Meadows, Jonah Bayliss and Mark Corey will all be better than Roberto Hernandez.

-Ian Snell will strike out a lot of batters and give up a ton of home runs.

-Kip Wells won't pull it together.