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Chris Young Traded Again

I follow Chris Young's career with the sort of painful curiosity that leads a spurned lover to Google his ex's new boyfriend. Young just got traded again, this time to the Padres in a lopsided deal in which the Pads also received two sometime subjects of Pirates trade rumors, first baseman Adrian Gonzalez and outfielder Termel Sledge. In exchange, the Rangers got only Adam Eaton, who isn't as good as Young, and Aki Otsuka. I like Otsuka as much as anyone - he throws strikes, has good movement on his pitches, and was charming last season in a pretty ridiculous and often-broadcast commercial for a San Diego exterminator. But come on.

Anyway! The point of all this is that unless there's some problem with Young, Dave Littlefield's initial decision to trade him might end up looking a lot worse than it already does. Moving from The Ballpark to Petco is the sort of thing that can make an already good-looking pitcher look like a star.