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Perrotto: Bucs Tried to Acquire Glaus

I find this very hard to believe. Toronto is on the verge of acquiring Troy Glaus and marginal infield prospect Sergio Santos in exchange for second baseman Orlando Hudson and reliever Miguel Batista.

Hudson is a legitimately good, but not particularly young, player who hits reasonably well and plays excellent defense. Batista is a marginal talent at this point. It's very hard to believe the Pirates couldn't have improved on the Jays' offer if they had wanted to. A poster at Only Bucs has suggested that an offer of Jose Castillo and Salomon Torres would have gotten the job done, and I'm inclined to agree; Torres is a much better pitcher than Batista at this point and while Castillo isn't as good as Hudson yet, he probably will be fairly soon. The Pirates were probably not serious players in the Glaus sweepstakes; I doubt they wanted to pick up his salary.