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Pirates Sign Mike Edwards

The Pirates have signed  outfielder/third baseman Mike Edwards, infielder Gookie Dawkins and catcher Paul Chiaffredo to minor-league deals. Edwards was once a decent prospect, but he apparently stopped getting better in his mid-20s and he isn't the sort of person you want getting 239 at bats, as he did with the Dodgers last year. He is, however, the sort of "outfield depth" the Pirates need - that is, cheap and unlikely to affect Craig Wilson's playing time. Dawkins and Chiaffredo are AAA filler; Chiaffredo was in the Pirates' system last year.

The Pirates also signed Giovanni Carrara to a minor league deal. Carrara will presumably compete for a bullpen spot. He's not young and his peripherals took a serious downward turn next year, but he was good as recently as 2004.