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Sorry about this.

Here's a message from Blez:


Remember I told you there were extenuating circumstances behind the long outage?  Well, I know the reason why.

Our host Voxel bought a new building, and had to physically move all the servers over to the new place. It was supposed to take about two hours, Friday night/Saturday morning. It was going to be a small disruption which most people wouldn't notice.

But the NYPD got a bomb threat against the NYSE, and the Voxel van with our servers got trapped in the police net. A bomb-sniffing dog checked out the van and apparently some sort of cologne set the dog off. So the police locked down the van all morning until they could ensure that everything was legit.

So, sometimes circumstances trump our needs.

And while I was typing this the sites went down again.  [The SB Nation tech guy] is looking into it again.

Thanks for your understanding.