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Who is Jonah Bayliss?

Find out here.

From what I'm reading, the PTBNL in the Redman trade is pretty likely (via OnlyBucs) to be the top pick in the Rule 5 draft tomorrow. Under this scenario, Kansas City would pick someone - don't be surprised if it's a reliever - and hold onto him until the Pirates could clear a roster spot by, for example, dumping Josh Fogg or Ty Wigginton, or making a trade. Then the Royals would pass the player on to the Pirates, at which point he'd have to stay on the 25-man roster all year. This is a risky proposition that isn't terribly likely to work out, but it's certainly better than getting the A-ball semi-prospect I assumed the Pirates would be getting when they made the trade. If the Pirates are, in fact, getting the top pick in the Rule 5 draft, I'll be even happier about this trade.