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Collier on Doumit

Here's an article on Ryan Doumit, which is really just my way of saying that I feel inclined to say something about him given his excellent play since being promoted from Indianapolis.

Doumit is the new Craig Wilson in at least one more way than we realized. Not only is Doumit a catcher who isn't getting to play catcher (hopefully that will change), but he's also now showing an eagerness to get hit by pitches.

In tonight's game, Red Sox pitcher Tim Wakefield threw a ball to Doumit that was moving high and inside, and Doumit moved his elbow into the path of the pitch in order to get an HBP. The home-plate umpire alertly ordered Doumit to continue his plate appearance, since he clearly allowed himself to be hit on purpose. Given the circumstances, though, it was a really good idea on Doumit's part - Wakefield's 60 MPH floaters aren't going to hurt anyone, and the score was 0-0 at the time, so a run might have proven to be very valuable. (Unfortunately, Doumit didn't think fast enough to appear to accidentally allow himself be hit.)

Later in the game, Doumit made another fun, gutsy play. He was on second with one out (after being awarded a real HBP) when Jose Castillo hit a grounder between second and third. Bill Mueller fielded the ball and Doumit stayed close to second, but as soon as Mueller released the ball, Doumit took off for third and barely beat the throw back to third. As it turned out, this was a risk that Doumit didn't need to take, because Humberto Cota then hit a double off the Green Monster that would have easily scored Doumit from second. But given the circumstances - it was still a 0-0 game - it was probably still a smart gamble.

I've only seen Doumit play a handful of times this year, but my impression so far is that he's an intelligent player who will find creative ways to do what needs to be done to win a game. I'm not sure how much such creativity matters, but Doumit is producing right now even if it doesn't, and it sure is fun to watch.