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Redman Wants Extension

Not Tike, Mark, who would like to "be part of this club not just next year but for three years." Redman, who essentially has the option of playing for the Pirates for between $4.5 and $5 million next year, says that he will not pick up any option and that he can get far more on the open market. That may or may not be true - a number of average-ish free agent starters got multi-year contracts for $7 million or more last offseason, but the noise made in the implosions of Eric Milton and Jaret Wright has got to be deafening in a lot of front offices right now.

In any case, this is a time when the Pirates' front office should smile, say lots of nice things about Redman in the press without mentioning the extension, and work as hard as they can to trade Redman now. An offer of a multi-year contract for a player like Redman for the money he is seeking (probably around three years, $21 million like a number of pitchers got last offseason) would be an enormously counterproductive move for the Pirates.