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Craig Wilson Breaks Hand

Craig Wilson broke his hand in yesterday's game against the Cubs. This is the second time this year Wilson will have to miss a substantial period of time because of injuries to his left hand, and 2005 is quickly turning out to be a lost year for him.

The Pirates recalled Chris Duffy from Indianapolis to take Wilson's place on the roster. Duffy hasn't been terribly impressive this year, at least not with the bat - he's already 25 and he's hitting just .310/.360/.465. Duffy will be lucky if he plays much at all, and if the Pirates play him, they'll be lucky if he's more than Tike Redman with better defense. Unfortunately, there probably isn't a better choice they could have made to replace Wilson, except my boy Yurendell DeCaster. Brad Eldred is still finding his stroke at Indianapolis, Nate McLouth hasn't hit well recently, and the other corner types there - Graham Koonce, Jon Nunnally, Ray Sadler, Jose Leon, Ty Wigginton - really have no upside.