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Pittsburgh vs. Milwaukee, 2 July 2005

Zach Duke (0-0, 0.00) vs. Victor Santos (2-8, 3.27). Drum roll please! Lloyd McClendon, what do you have to say about Zach Duke?  "If I was a fan, I'd be excited. We have high hopes for this young man."

Alright! Anything else?

"It really is very disappointing... We had such high hopes for Bobby. He just did not perform up to his capabilities for some reason."

Um... okay. Dave! Dave, come over here. What do you have to say about this exciting pitching prospect?

"John's doing very well on the right side," Pirates general manager Dave Littlefield said. "But there are some range issues with the left one, and it might take 30 more days before he can take the next step."

It's quite a coincidence that room has been made for the Pirates' latest super-stud pitching prospect through the release of a former super-stud pitching prospect (Bobby Bradley), and that the latest super-stud prospect is making news on the same day yet another former super-stud prospect (John Van Benschoten) hit a snag in his rehab. Perhaps we should temper our enthusiasm. Duke (can we start calling him "Zuke"? I'd like that) is the most polished prospect the Pirates have sent to the majors in a quite a while - but around this time last year, I'd have said the same thing about Sean Burnett.

Can somebody put up a diary about Duke once the game is over? I can't watch it, so I'd be most appreciative.