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Larry @#$%*& Bigbie?

Mark Redman is no prize, but the Pirates can surely do better than this. What is the point of trading for Larry Bigbie? He'll be Ty Wigginton all over again.

Baseball Prospectus on Bigbie: "He's a problem player: Good enough that you can't simply push him aside, but not so good that he's going to lead you to a championship." Does this sound familiar to anyone? Bigbie is the main problem with the Pirates summed up in one crappy (but not too crappy) player. Bigbie is not an improvement over Chris Duffy or Nate McLouth or Rob Mackowiak. He is probably even a little worse than Tike Redman. Bigbie has little, if any, upside. If this rumor is true, this is Dave Littlefield's worst idea since the Benito Santiago trade.