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Any Urgency? Nope

I didn't like Dejan Kovacevic's last Q+A much, but you've got to read this one. Here's the most interesting bit, which is just about the strongest indictment a beat writer could give of the team he's covering:

Q: With this latest swoon, in what seems to be an annual event, is there any sense of panic (or urgency) that you can sense from the players, manager, or front office?

KOVACEVIC: No. None. Seriously. If it is there, I do not detect it.

Not being glib here. I have covered teams where anyone from the upper reaches of management to the lowest-level player can let it known he has become infuriated with losing. If that is happening here, it is well hidden from the reporters' eyes and ears.


Elsewhere, Kovacevic weighs in on Mark Cuban, the Pirate method of breaking in young players, and trading high.