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Ward and Mesa: Worth Anything?

The New York Mets might think so:

Recent discussions also have been held with the Pirates about closer Jose Mesa and first baseman Daryle Ward, for prospects that could include Double-A catcher Mike Jacobs or reliever Matt Lindstrom, an NL source said, but those talks have been casual because the Mets haven't determined the direction they want to go.

Lindstrom isn't a prospect - he's a 25 year-old who's getting pounded at Class AA Binghamton. But Mike Jacobs is: he's 24 and is hitting well at Binghamton for the second time. He hit .329/.376/.548 there in 2003 and .309/.363/.580 there now. (He barely played in 2004 because of a knee injury.) He's often listed as a catcher, but Baseball America's Jim Callis has said that he doesn't think Jacobs can be a full-time player there. So it's puzzling that the Pirates would want him, given that in the past, they haven't shown much interest in converted catchers who can hit (Craig Wilson, Chris Shelton, J.R. House), and they arguably also already have two players they already view that way (Wilson and Ryan Doumit). Me? I'll concentrate on the "can hit" part rather than the "converted catcher" part, and be thrilled if the Pirates can trade Ward and/or Mesa to get Jacobs.

Other rumors: Matt Lawton-to-Cardinals is being reported in Pittsburgh and St. Louis, while Lawton-to-Boston is being reported by the New York Post; the Miami press is still suggesting that Mark Redman could be traded to the minors, perhaps for a pitching prospect; the New York Newsday says the Yankees still may be interested in Redman despite trading for Shawn Chacon; and one Philadelphia paper speculates that Kip Wells could be headed there.

Thanks to Pro Sports Daily.