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You're Welcome Again, Cubs! reports that the Pirates have traded Matt Lawton and cash to the Cubs for Jody Gerut. Gerut, 27, had a good rookie year in 2003 but hasn't done much with the bat since then. He's apparently decent defensively and can play a bit of center field. Ultimately, though, he has an OPS below .740 in 600+ at bats the past two seasons; he shouldn't be a starting outfielder. He's apparently a very intelligent guy, for whatever that's worth.

This is a Ty Wigginton-type deal - instead of getting younger players with some hope of being real contributors, the Pirates got a young veteran of limited utility and upside. Jody Gerut is the status quo - another okay player on a team whose problem is too many okay players.

UPDATE: Baseball America reports that Gerut will likely be eligible for arbitration after this season, which makes this trade that much more likely to be pointless (if the Bucs non-tender him) or destructive (if they actually take him to arbitration).