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J.J. Davis Update

J.J. Davis is about to be traded to the Rockies with Zach Day for Preston Wilson. Davis has again been killing the ball in AAA, this time at New Orleans.

Here are Colorado's main corner outfielders for the year:

Brad Hawpe .294/.368/.468/.836
Matt Holliday .291/.343/.439/.782
Cory Sullivan .296/.337/.355/.693
Dustan Mohr .188/.234/.422/.655

For Coors Field, that's hideous. I'd bet on Davis being able to do better than any of those guys if given the chance. As bad as Davis has been in his brief stints in the big leagues, those stints have been exceedingly brief. The Pirates should have given him a real shot last year. I can't fault the Nationals for not giving him one this year in the middle of a pennant race, but the Rockies have no good reason not to give Davis a chance. Here's hoping the trade goes down, and that the Rockies find 200 at bats for Davis.      

Thanks to Lone Star Ball.