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Pittsburgh vs. New York Mets, 18 August 2005

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Zach Duke (5-0, 2.13) vs. Victor Zambrano (6-9, 4.16).


Second Age - Men of Darkness ally with Sauron, who plots to conquer Middle-earth

???-present - Curupira rides around on wild pig, scaring the bejesus out of South American children

6th Century CE - Pope Gregory declares Santa Claus evil

1840-1940 - Sideshows prey upon white racist fears by exhibiting black "wild men"

1871 - Prejevalsky reports existence of hairy "man beasts" in Tibet

1889 - Wall Street Journal founded; op-ed columnists later imagine themselves to be completely transgressive and extreme

1960s - Cheech and Chong debut

~1982 - Robert Bly encourages men to get in touch with the "spiritually radiant energy" of the "deep masculine"

2001 - Devil Rays promote Victor Zambrano to major leagues