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Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia, 19 August 2005

Kip Wells (6-12, 4.62) vs. Robinson Tejeda (3-2, 2.71). Tejeda looked like an outstanding prospect after a terrific age-19 year in the Class A Sally League, but tumbled down the prospect charts last year with a mediocre year at AA Reading. Now 23, he's produced great results in his rookie year with the Phillies despite having a terrible walk rate. He has only allowed 50 hits in 73 innings. That doesn't seem like a sustainable number, even for a guy like Tejeda who throws very hard. Although he has a slider and a curve, he mostly relies on his fastball now. I've never seen Tejeda, but he seems like the sort of player who will get pelted after teams see him a few times. (With his stuff, I wouldn't be surprised to see him emerge as a very good reliever at some point.) In any case, the Pirates haven't seen him before, so they may have a tough time today. Game plan for Pirates hitters: wait for your pitch. And watch your head.