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Where's Eldred?

Brad Eldred isn't in the lineup again tonight. He hasn't started since July 29. Here's what Lloyd McClendon said a week before that:

"[Eldred is] not going to sit," McClendon said. "He's certainly part of the future. For him to get a taste of the big leagues, it just makes sense."

So why is Eldred sitting? I didn't criticize McClendon last week when Eldred wasn't playing, because I assumed that Daryle Ward was being showcased for a possible trade. But the trade deadline was two days ago, and we haven't seen Eldred since.

Also, Ryan Doumit isn't in the lineup again, and he's been in the lineup only once in the past five days. Having these guys on the bench while stiffs like Daryle Ward and, to a lesser extent, Humberto Cota and Jody Gerut play will not do the Pirates any good.