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San Diego vs. Pittsburgh, 2 August 2005

Jake Peavy (8-4, 3.28) vs. Kip Wells (6-11, 4.65). I saw Peavy's last start, against the Cardinals in San Diego. I was in the upper deck, and Peavy and Jason Marquis were sharp, so there weren't many hard-hit balls, so it wasn't a terribly interesting game from the up there.

When I was about six, I went with my dad and my local boy scout group to see a game at Three Rivers Stadium, and the boy scout group bought tickets in the top row of the upper deck. I could literally touch the top of the stadium from where I was sitting. And the angles at which upper decks are built tend to be very severe, so severe that it can seem to a six year-old sitting in the top row that a slip or misstep could send him tumbling down, down, down, possibly over the railing and all the way onto the field, fifty or a hundred feet below. So I spent that game out of my mind with fear, with my back glued to my seat, not getting up even to use the bathroom.

Anyway, in my section of the upper deck at PETCO last week, two well-lubricated dudes started fighting with one another late in the game. One guy threw the other down, and he tripped over the row of seats in front of him and literally tumbled down about six rows. He wasn't hurt, fortunately, and they led him out in handcuffs. So my message is this: if you're in the upper deck at PNC tomorrow, enjoy your alcohol, because Jake Peavy is excellent and the Pirates' offense is freaking terrible, so you're not going to see much action from up there. But don't enjoy too much alcohol, because then you might get in a fight with the idiot next to you, and then you might get pushed over the row of seats in front of you, and God help you if that happens. My six year-old self was right on that one.