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Post-Gazette on "The Intangible"

The intangible: Since the teams previously played in late June, Pirates have added Chris Duffy, Brad Eldred, Nate McLouth and [Zach] Duke. Maybe they don't realize the Cardinals have won 14 of the past 16 games between the teams.

Well, don't tell them! Thanks a lot, Post-Gazette! Now Duke will probably crash his car while trembling on the way to the game, and Duffy will probably soil himself and then trip on the bases because he'll be playing in a pair of pants that doesn't fit, and Eldred will drop the ball on a routine pickoff attempt because Holy crap, that's ALBERT PUJOLS, and Ryan Doumit will set up for the wrong pitch and get hit in the crotch, and McLouth will go into convulsions and not be able to play which, let's be honest, he wasn't going to play anyway, but convulsions would definitely be a distraction in the clubhouse. If the Pirates keep losing against the Cardinals, it's all the Post-Gazette's fault.