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Pirates Prospect News

Neil Walker and Andrew McCutchen have been promoted to Lynchburg and Williamsport, respectively. These are pleasant developments - as thin as the lower levels of the Pirates' farm system are, at least it looks like they didn't screw up their last two first-round draft picks. Walker has had an extremely good year as a 19 year-old in the South Atlantic League, and it now looks possible or even likely that he could arrive at Class AA before his 21st birthday. As far as I can tell, the last Pirate prospects to do that were Sean Burnett and (oddly) Mike Connolly, who both arrived in Altoona in 2003.

Also from the article above, Rajai Davis is out for the season. The Pirates remain hopeful that he'll be back in time for the Arizona Fall League, but really, it's a stretch to argue that Davis is much of a prospect anymore anyway. He's nearly 25, is coming off a mediocre year at AA, and has better prospects ahead of him - even if everything goes right for him, he's still just Chris Duffy lite with much worse defense and a poor arm.