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Meyer on Duke

Paul Meyer:

Zach Duke yesterday was named National League rookie of the month for July after balloting by media who cover major-league games.

So what's next for the Pirates' left-hander -- Rookie of the Year?

"That's a long way off," Duke said, smiling.

Cy Young award?

"I don't think I can qualify for that," he said, grinning.

Hall of Fame?

"Don't jump the gun, guys," he said, laughing.

In a rare exclusive, Bucs Dugout has acquired an unedited tape of this interview. It continues:

MEYER: Zach, I huh, I just had this brainstorm for us. Can you guess what it is?


MEYER: Bowling! What do you say bowling? Bowling's insane! Bowling is crazy time.

DUKE: Bowling? I don't think so, Paul, you get no rush from bowling.

MEYER: Rush? You want a rush? Drop a ball on your toe my friend, talk about a rush, you'll be throbbing, you'll see visions.

DUKE: No no no no, I'm thinking... rock-climbing.

MEYER: All right! Rock-climbing! J..just the two of us? Alright! Hey, I'll make some sandwiches, what what do you like? Tuna? Peanut butter?

DUKE: What... whatever.

MEYER: Alright alright, I gotta buy some bread.

DUKE: Yeah yeah, you know I'm definitely down for some rock-climbing.

MEYER: Me too, I am down, I am totally down, mark me down.

[break in tape]

JOHN PERROTTO: Rock climbing? Hehe... Where do you come off going rock climbing? Rock climbing? You need a boost to climb into your bed [laughing].

MEYER: Alright alright.

JOE RUTTER: Yeah yeah what is it with you and Zach? What are you? It's like his sidekick now?

MEYER: Yeah that's right. I like it. He's such a cool guy.

RUTTER: Cool guy? What are you, in 8th grade?

MEYER: He's the first cool guy I've ever been friends with in my whole life. You know... it's a different world when you're with a cool guy, he's not afraid of anybody. You should hear the way he talks to waitresses... he gets free pie!