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Houston vs. Pittsburgh, 19 September 2005

Roger Clemens (12-7, 1.77) vs. Ian Snell (0-2, 6.83). It's pretty amazing that Clemens has only won twelve games with that ERA, and it may cost him the Cy Young award despite his obviously being the most effective starting pitcher in the National League. For some reason, he's gotten pelted in two of his last six starts, and both of those starts were against Milwaukee, so maybe there's hope here. This will be Snell's fifth big-league start.

...By the way, Paul Meyer quotes Pete Mackanin to Mike Gonzalez on the mound yesterday:

"You need to chill out," Mackanin said. "You're a little tense. Slow down. Take a breather. Do what you do."

And Meyer says the advice worked! Clearly, the Pirates should hire a Dr. Pepper ad exec as their new manager.