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Chicago Cubs vs. Pirates, 2 September 2005

Greg Maddux (10-11, 4.43) vs. Josh Fogg (6-9, 4.90). For the amazing amount of ink that has been spilled about Maddux' preparedness and intelligence as a pitcher, he doesn't look like a very intelligent guy. He looks like a man who slept in too late for work and has had to go about his business without his usual shower and coffee. Kip Wells looks like this too, which may be one reason he frustrates people so much.

Maddux, of course, has never really frustrated anyone - he has predictably lost pieces of his value the past few years, but he's still a pretty good pitcher. Fun little thing to watch out for: Maddux has won 15 or more games in 17 consecutive seasons. This year, he has ten. If I counted correctly, he probably has six starts left.