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Houston vs. Pittsburgh, 22 September 2005

Brandon Backe (9-8, 4.76) vs. Zach Duke (6-1, 1.84). Finally, an Astros starter who isn't one of the ten best in baseball - although the Pirates didn't actually do badly against Oswalt, Clemens and Pettitte. Duke seeks to 'rebound' from the first loss of his young career, a start in which he gave up only one run in four innings.

In other news, we can all rejoice: Rick White and Brian Meadows want to return next year! Hip, hip...

What the heck is the problem with Rick White's agent? Italics mine:

[White] and agent Dan Horwits approached Pirates general manager Dave Littlefield a month ago about securing an extension of one or two years.

Dan Horwits is a wuss. What, was he scared to ask for three years? How about four?

Brian Meadows' Prayer

Dear God, please give us world peace. Also, please let me wake up tomorrow throwing about eight miles per hour faster. Oh yeah... and please let the Pirates take me to arbitration. If you could do that, that would be so fricking sweet. Oops. Sorry. If the Pirates take me to arbitration, I promise to never say the word "fricking" again. I swear. Oh, also? If the whole 96 mile per hour fastball thing doesn't work out, please let the Dodgers' bats magically miss my junk tomorrow. Thank you God. Amen.