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Pittsburgh vs. Los Angeles, 25 September 2005

Ian Snell (1-2, 5.35) vs. Derek Lowe (11-14, 3.65). Lowe last started against the Pirates on August 5th, when he allowed three runs (two earned) and the Dodgers won 12-6. Beginning in late August and continuing until his most recent, mediocre start against the Diamondbacks, Lowe had a series of strong outings that lowered his ERA quite a bit. He's done nothing to show he's worth anywhere near the $9 million he'll be making this year and in the next three years, but this has been a good month for him. Snell looks to build on his fantastic last start against the Astros.

You can check the score of this game and others in the column to your right, where I've added a live scoreboard.