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News Roundup

-Joe Rutter and Dejan Kovacevic seem to have entirely different ideas about what's going on with Oliver Perez, but I think everyone can agree that whatever it is, it isn't good. Rutter's headline suggests that Perez will stay in AAA, but his article merely says he won't join the Pirates' rotation; Kovacevic says he's rejoining the team, but not the rotation. Kovacevic quotes Lloyd McClendon claiming that Perez' velocity is "fine"; Rutter says he topped out at 93 MPH during his rehab stints, which would be "fine" for most pitchers but is well below normal for Perez. Perez wasn't good in his last rehab start; he only allowed two runs in 4 1/3 innings, but he walked seven batters. If indeed he's back with the Bucs, expect him to pitch out of the bullpen and be terrible for a while, at least until the Pirates' coaching staff figures out what his problem is.

-Andrew McCutchen and Neil Walker since their promotions:

McCutchen: 29 AB .448/.556/.552
Walker: 28 AB .357/.323/.464

Not that it means much, but Walker somehow already has ten RBIs.