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Arizona vs. Pittsburgh, 6 September 2005

Javier Vazquez (10-14, 4.80) vs. Paul Maholm (1-0, 0.00). The Diamondbacks had been hanging around the playoff race until very recently, thanks to the facts that they play in the NL West and have been winning more games than their run differential indicates. Actually, they're a dreadful team - their Pythagenport won-loss record is worse than that of every other team except the Royals'.

How did this happen? Well, their bullpen has been a disaster - Jose Valverde is the only Diamondback reliever with more than 20 appearances and an ERA under 5. Russ Ortiz has been almost as bad as Eric Milton, and with nearly twice the contract to boot. And the Diamondbacks rank 21st in the majors in runs scored despite playing in a hitters' ballpark. (The Pirates are 28th, in case you're curious.)