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Mackanin's First Lineup

Here's Pete Mackanin's first lineup, against Javy Vazquez:

Sanchez 2B
J. Wilson SS
Bay LF
C. Wilson RF
Mackowiak CF
Eldred 1B
Doumit C
Wigginton 3B
Maholm P

This is certainly better than yesterday's lineup, in which Daryle Ward and Humberto Cota replaced the admittedly struggling Brad Eldred and Ryan Doumit. I don't understand why an out machine like Jack Wilson is batting second, however - McClendon hadn't been doing that at all recently, and for good reason. I hope Mackanin isn't doing this because Wilson seems like a prototypical 2-hitter - the skinny, scrappy, slap-slap-slappy middle infielder.