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Unintentionally Funny Line of the Day

Funny and scary stuff, from Ken Rosenthal. Unintentionally amusing stuff first:

The Blue Jays balked when the Pirates wanted outfielder Armando Rios for first baseman/outfielder Craig Wilson; Rios is five years away from free agency, Wilson one.

Oops! Obviously, Rosenthal meant Alex Rios. I'm not sure what I think of Rios. He was excellent for Class AA New Haven at age 22 in 2003, but he hasn't done much of anything before or since, and even that one good year was driven by his batting average. He'll only be 25 this year, so things could get better, but his power and plate discipline have both been mediocre. He took a step backward this year with his hitting and basestealing. I wonder whether Nate McLouth might end up being a better hitter.

On the other hand, there are positive things about Rios - he's tall and lanky, so he might bulk up at some point and start to hit the ball harder, and he's apparently also decent in the field. Still, although I don't know that much about Rios, I don't love his chances of blossoming.

Now the scary part:

The Pirates say they can afford to keep Wilson as a $3,5 million part-time player. Rival clubs are skeptical of that claim.