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Zach Duke Bashes Lloyd McClendon

This isn't the kind of thing I'd normally cover, but I find this pretty amazing.

"When I came to the Pirates last year, it kind of felt like I didn't want to step on any toes or ruffle any feathers. Here, it's an open door policy and it really feels that way."

...In the interview, Duke described the motivation methods of McClendon and [Spin] Williams as "a tear-down process."

"They were going to bark at you this way and if you didn't do it right they were going to yell at you," Duke explained.

Duke has only been in the big leagues a few months and he has no history (of which I'm aware) of complaining. If McClendon's methods really were as Duke says they were, I'm amazed that he ever rose to the level of manager and that he stayed on the job as long as he did. But I'm at least as amazed that Duke felt comfortable saying this stuff to the press.

Edit: Someone at Only Bucs has a good question: if what Duke, Ryan Vogelsong and John Grabow say in this article is true, and if what Kip Wells said recently in the Post-Gazette is true, why weren't we hearing about this when it was happening? The Pirates' beat writers are in the clubhouse, so they should know whether the players hate the coaches, and they should also be able to identify coaching techniques that are blatantly unsatisfactory. Since McClendon arrived, beat writers like Paul Meyer said he wasn't the problem. Now McClendon's gone, and the press publishes quotes from players about the shortcomings of McClendon and his staff. Why didn't any of the writers ever, that I'm aware of, mention these shortcomings?

Dejan Kovacevic, to his credit, did say the following at the beginning of the 2005 season:

The indications I do get, for what they are worth, is that he can be pretty tough on these guys. And that, whether it is positive or negative, he has no problem whatsoever in getting his message across. When he wants to rip someone, he does it without mincing words.

However, Kovacevic never suggests that such criticism might have had a negative effect on the team.