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On Tracy and McClendon

Here's a blogger named Mattyfred (of whom I'd never heard until five minutes ago) with an interesting point about Jim Tracy and Lloyd McClendon.

What's most surprising about the Tracy/McClendon comparisons going down in the Pittsburgh media isn't just that a number of players disagreed so much with McClendon's methods that they called him out in the media, nor that no one in the mainstream media ever reported it until now, at least not that I'm aware.

No, what's most surprising is the reaction Jim Tracy is receiving in response to the things he's reportedly doing in minicamp. Stopping drills to give instruction, keeping a tight schedule, remembering players' names, and so on - these things should not be beyond the abilities of a Little League coach. The fact that these things are suddenly newsworthy isn't evidence that he's a good manager. It's evidence that he's a manager.