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News Roundup

It's a slow news day, but here are a few things:

-Here's a long interview with Dave Littlefield in Sewickley's paper. Littlefield doesn't say anything we wouldn't expect - it's the usual nonsense about Jeromy Burnitz being an upgrade, the Pirates' goal being a championship, and so on.

-Pirate castoff Bronson Arroyo just signed a three-year deal with the Red Sox for about $12 million. Arroyo pitched over 200 innings of league-average ball for the Red Sox last season.

-The Rockies signed former Pirate first baseman Carlos Rivera to a minor-league contract. Rivera will presumably play for Class AAA Colorado Springs, though he may not get much playing time if Ryan Shealy doesn't make the big-league team. Rivera hit .312/.363/.505 last year for Houston's Class AAA affiliate in Round Rock.

-This bizarre Sports Illustrated article seems to suggest that the Pirates have a good shot at beating .500 this year and that they and the Cubs had the best offseasons of all teams in the NL Central.

-Finally, this is pretty funny.