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News Roundup

Again, there isn't much news today, and, strangely, much of the Pittsburgh sports media seems to be focused on something else.

-AGAINST CRAIG'S ADVICE: In case you haven't heard, Jose Castillo cut his hair. And, in another shocking development, he'd like to play better next year.

-OH NO HE DIDN'T: From the same article, Ryan Doumit puts the rest of the NL Central on notice:

Pirates catcher Ryan Doumit is so fired up for spring training that he arrived in Bradenton, Fla., this past Friday and proclaimed: "The rest of the National League Central is warned that the Pirates are a lot better this year and we're hungry."

Quotes like these make me sad.

-AND FOR MY NEXT TRICK: Jeff Manto thinks he can turn Jack Wilson into a "dominant" hitter. Uh huh.

-B. E. A-G-G. RRRRR-E-S-S-I-V-E: Andrew McCutchen will attend big-league camp. The Pirates must feel that they need to nip his plate discipline problem in the bud. (The problem being, of course, that he has it.)

-IF AT FIRST YOU DON'T SUCCEED, TRY, TRY SOMETHING ELSE: The Rockies will apparently make J.J. Davis a pitcher. It's worth a shot, I suppose, although he'll be learning to pitch in some of the worst ballparks in which to try to do so.

-BABY STEPS: Ken Rosenthal isn't as excited as Doumit is:

The Pirates, though, could go from 67 wins to 75, and if their young pitching clicks, maybe higher.

We'll see.