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Community Projection: Chris Duffy

UPDATE: The Duffy predictions are now closed.

Today I'd like to introduce a new feature to Bucs Dugout that already happens at a few other SB Nation sites. Every so often, I'll start a thread in which I'll ask you how you think a player will do in the coming season.

Chris Duffy seems like a good player to start with, because he's fairly controversial among Pirate fans. He has a decent but unspectacular minor league pedigree, but he was excellent in a small sample in the majors last year. He's obviously a good baserunner and an excellent defender, but how good is he as a hitter? Do you think he'll keep it up, or be some version of his former self?

Let me know in the comments by projecting at least his 2006 batting average, on-base percentage and slugging percentage. At the beginning of the season, I'll average the community projections. Then at the end, we'll look back and see how we did.

You can view Duffy's career major- and minor-league stats here.