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Link Roundup

-Here's a silly feature on Mike Gonzalez, complete with the standard quotes about Jose Mesa's tutelage being "unbelievable" and how Jeromy Burnitz, Sean Casey and Joe Randa will bring "balance":

"Having those guys like the Sean Caseys, the Jeromy Burnitzs and Joe Randas, those are upgrades," Gonzalez said. "I think it's going to be a pretty good balance with the guys we have now like the Chris Duffys and the pitching staff with the Zach Dukes and Paul Maholms. It's going to be good balance."

This will be Gonzalez's third year in the majors, but I'm sure he followed the Pirates for several years before that while he was in the minor leagues. I'm honestly not sure what I'd say about Burnitz and the others to make their signings seem okay if I were in Gonzalez's situation, so I'll cut him some slack. But does it honestly not occur to him and other people who make similar statements about "balance" that the Pirates have had lots of short-term veterans in every year for about a decade, and all they've done is lose, lose, lose? The names change, but the results are always about the same, as Pete Schourek becomes Pat Meares becomes Omar Olivares becomes Pokey Reese becomes Kenny Lofton becomes Raul Mondesi becomes Rick White. "Balance" is probably about 99.9% irrelevant. Talent is relevant.

-Here's an article on new Lynchburg manager Gary Green, who comes to the Pirates from the Tigers organization.

-Here is a feature on Pie Traynor.

-Via OnlyBucs, Daryle Ward has been offered a minor league deal with the Nationals.