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Bucs Sign Jose Hernandez

Thanks to Greg in the diaries for drawing my attention to this.

The Bucs have acquired Jose Hernandez again, and it's an infinitely better idea now than it was the first time. Hernandez was dreadful last year, but he was so improbably good in a tough stadium in 2004 (playing under Jim Tracy, by the way) that one is tempted to chalk both years up to sample size issues and hope his real level of ability is right between them. As an infielder with a decent glove and some power, Hernandez is worth a minor-league contract. He may be done, but if he isn't, he seems like the sort of player Jim Tracy would be good at managing - a part-time player with weaknesses but also with obvious strengths, such as fielding ability and the ability to hit lefties.

This signing does, however, make the Pirates' bizarre worryings about offensive strikeouts seem even sillier. A couple years ago, Hernandez only avoided breaking the single-season strikeout record when the Brewers sat him for the last few games of the season. He's a strikeout machine.