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Community Projection: Sean Casey

[Bumped. Newer stuff below - Charlie.]

UPDATE: The Casey predictions are now closed.

How will Sean Casey fare in the coming year? Will he stay healthy and return to 2004 form, or will age and injuries cause him to decline further? Will he be an above-average hitter at first for the Pirates?

As ever, provide your answers in the comments, including your predictions for his 2006 batting average, on-base percentage and slugging percentage.

Here are Casey's statistics and lists of statistically comparable players.

The Jason Bay prediction thread is still open, so don't forget to weigh in there, if you haven't already. Jeromy Burnitz is now closed.

The results so far:

Chris Duffy CF .278/.331/.395 .287/.338/.384
Jeromy Burnitz RF .246/.317/.439 .240/.311/.412

The Bucs Dugout community is actually somewhat bullish on Burnitz, at least compared to the projection. Although I don't think a .246 batting average is completely out of line with expectations, I'll take the under. Last year, Burnitz managed to make contact at a respectable rate, and the year before that, he played at Coors. In the two years before that he had difficulties getting the bat on the ball. I wouldn't be surprised if he had them again.