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Community Projection: Jose Castillo

UPDATE: The Castillo projections are now closed.

How do we think Jose Castillo will perform in the coming season? Offensively, he took a step forward in 2005, and he'll only be 25 this year. Will he take another step forward, or will plate discipline or injuries hold him back?

As always, list your expectations for Castillo's 2006 average, on base percentage and slugging percentage in the comments. If you want, you can also guess how many homers he'll have, how much playing time he'll have, and so on, although I probably won't calculate those.

Here are Castillo's major- and minor-league statistics.

The predictions for Jason Bay are now closed, but Sean Casey is still open.

The results so far:

Jason Bay LF .298/.403/.547 .297/.395/.557
Chris Duffy CF .278/.331/.395 .287/.338/.384
Jeromy Burnitz RF .246/.317/.439 .240/.311/.412

Both the community and ZiPS think that Jason Bay will take a very small step backward next year, which looks about right.