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Pirates Dump Furmaniak

To make room for Jeromy Burnitz, the Pirates have dropped J.J. Furmaniak from their 40-man roster. With Freddy Sanchez set to be the Bucs' utility infielder, Furmaniak would have been the first man up from Indianapolis if Sanchez or Jack Wilson had gotten hurt. Now, if that happens, the Bucs will probably call up Yurendell DeCaster or Jose Bautista and let Jose Castillo be the emergency shortstop. Hopefully, this move doesn't mean that the Pirates will depend on newly-signed non-hitter Gookie Dawkins as even an emergency option. In any case, Furmaniak is no big loss, even though I'd have rather seen the Bucs drop Rajai Davis or, better yet, not signed Jeromy Burnitz at all.