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Burnitz Contract is For One Year

Basically, it's one year, $6.7 million, since I can pretty much guarantee that Jeromy Burnitz is going to play badly enough that the Pirates aren't going to want him around for his mutual option year in 2007. Of course, that's better than two years, but this deal is still complete junk - it actively makes the team worse, and I can't even imagine how replacing fan favorite Craig Wilson with Burnitz is going to excite fairweather types.

Elsewhere in the article above, Dejan Kovacevic reports that Ryan Vogelsong has signed a $550,000 contract for 2006 and will be allowed to compete for a starting job in spring training. I suppose there's nothing wrong with telling someone they're allowed to compete for a job, but it's pretty hard to imagine a spring training scenario that would convince me that Vogelsong was a good rotation option. Let's hope that Ian Snell gives the Pirates no choice but to give him the job - because we all know that if he doesn't, he's not going to get it.